What’s Your Next Highest Level Of Pleasure

What’s Your Next Highest Level Of Pleasure


So the highest level of pleasure; what could that be? Well, this could be anything to anyone so let’s dive into this a little more shall we?

For me, my highest level of pleasure has to be my toes curling, my back arching and my eyes rolling. To make all this happen there’s a lot of naughty steps to take before we get in deep!

I like the chase and the teasing and the build-up throughout the day. So it can start in the morning with the goodbye kiss with him and with my hand making its way down to his ass then slipping round to his cock with a playful bite to the lip too to let him know I’m game for some fun all day. When he knows this he bites me back, pulling me closer to him so my breasts are pushed up against his chest and his slight erection is just pressing on my pussy. Then with one last deeper kiss, he’s gone.

Throughout the day we swap texts, teasing one another, even sending a few naughty pictures just to add to the already high tension between us.

It’s half four in the afternoon and he is due home any moment. I can’t contain my excitement or how ready I am to be fucked! Then I hear the door open. I am in the kitchen waiting as he walks through and our eyes meet and there it is, game time!  We both walk to each other and he grabs me pushing me up to him hard so I could feel his full hard-on pressing against me. This instantly makes me wet and buckle into him. We kiss deeply with a few bites up and down my neck and match this on him; mine a little harder because to be fair I always play a little dirtier. Our hands are all over each other rubbing and grabbing.  I push back off him gazing teasingly at him, then curl my lip into a slight smile as my eyes look deep into his. Then I bolt to our bedroom, him fast on my tail and he slaps my ass as I run up the stairs, letting out a yelp! I don’t slow down as we make it to the bedroom before I have time to turn around as he grabs me and spins me around to face him. And just like that, I was topless with my nipples slightly erect. I start to underdress him pulling his top over his head, then undoing his jeans and pulling them down I stood back a little and there he is naked and standing to attention. Just how I like it. I get up close to him, my nipples rubbing on his bare hot chest as I take his cock into my hand and rub it slowly and deeply until he tilts his head back into a deep moan. It makes my knees buckle a little at hearing him. He then cups my pussy and slips his fingers in and starts fingering me; matching the rhythm I was doing to him while I swing my head back thinking I was going to cum. But before I can, he quickly pulls his fingers out leaving me panting. I throw him on the bed and slowly climb on between his legs. I take his cock in my hand whilst never breaking eye contact with him. Then I take him! I take him all in my mouth as deep as I can get his cock. I move faster and faster and he’s matching me, thrusting his hips so his cock is hitting the back of my throat. I can feel him tensing beneath me and his moan’s get deeper and deeper. I can tell he’s getting close but I don’t want him cumming. I need that cock in my pussy and I need it now! I stop and move on top of him straddling him. He’s pinned between my thighs and my dripping pussy I love this control over him. I lift up and he puts the tip of his hard cock in then he thrusts hard into my pussy I let out a sharp cry!

I love it when he goes hard. This continues with his cock pounding hard against my pussy. I can feel that I’m building up but I’m not ready to give in yet. I want to ride him. I bounce as hard as I can on his cock getting it deeper every time. I push down on his cock, my breath racing as his hands grab my ass, pushing it down harder and harder onto his cock. As I bounce faster on it I’m losing my mind ’cause it feels so good. Then he takes my nipple in his mouth, sucking and biting, going from one nipple to the other. This drives me crazy and I let out such a cry. I’m so close to coming I can’t take any more. I dig my nails into his chest forcing him to bite harder on my nipples and pushing deeper into my pussy. I bounce down onto him with both of us pounding, our moans getting louder and louder until we both let out our cries as he cums – my pussy gripping onto to his hard cock, I can feel inside me every bit of heat prickling up. My head is spinning and my eyes are rolling as I fling my head back and my toes curling. Then I collapse onto his chest, both of us panting, saying nothing, tired and sticky after such an intense fuck.

It was up there with one of the good ones.  So this was one of mine. What’s your next level of pleasure? I have a few more but you will have to wait and see. All good things cum to those who wait  xX

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